Sunday, 7 November 2010

What You Like Or Dislike About Your English Lecturer.

I like the English lecturer as she had been giving a lot of knowledge and provide guidance to enhance the knowledge of the language English.And if I do not understand,he will explain more about how to use a correct and appropriate sentence in word.He also a good lecturer and if there are students should perfect reasonable.Although,sometimes he always comparing our class with a grade each other.He said that our class worse from other class taught by lectures and sometimes I felt satisfied with what he said even the fact that other class are also severe attitude.The temperament that makes others also became victims condition.I do not like when I was a lecturer in anger and bad moods, students will identify all or chaff their students.But I do not keep in my heart even though he said all sorts of classes for all human beings we have a weakness in yourself. Thanks.......That's all............

Saturday, 6 November 2010

My Experience During Drama Presentation "Peace"

My experience during the presentation was great drama in the group because I had to choose another title from another of my friends in other drama "Peace". In the presentation that I take, I was a young Chinese woman named Ah Lin.Moreover, there are also other actors such as Aunty Kim, Mak Minah, Kavitha,Ahmad,Gopi and group performing Vicky.Although,I do not give a perfect presentation to the audience and the judges, but I am very thankful that my team finally won, and not forgetting the have to hardworking with the group "Peace" the more important to the director in my group who has given guidance that how to bring the characters as a people Chinese.Unforgettable that Sir Bro Bayu has given me the encouragement and guidance in teach me how carry a this act.Even while not in here during we group making drama because he does not in here for prepare his marriage in Perak.In this victory, despite the excitement, there are also people who do not cooperate in the group in Peace.This conclusion,we must have the attitude of helping each other and must cooperate with one another so that there is no fighting in their respective groups.

Friday, 15 October 2010


Why do you think the title of the short story is "Peace"?Justify you answer(s).
I think the title of the short story is "Peace" because Vicky finally like a noisy atmosphere with children's play ball, fish sellers who sell fish in there and next to a noisy neighbor.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

"The 2010 FIFA World Cup"

Do you think Malaysia football team is qualified enough & be able to join the world cup?
Yes,because I think our Malaysian football can approve their player..they need to work hard and more exercises....That's all......

My Best Friends.

All the people in this world wants a friend. It is impossible that we can live in this world alone.
With our friends, we can share your problems and tell her that we face.But in our friends, we also need to choose friends that we are not affected by bad behavior and not ending up with a culture that is not good.

My Plans After I Have Finish PIP Programme

Everyone has their own choice in making plans after the completion of the PIP Programme.After PIP, I want to further my study in diploma by taking the cost Diploma In Accountancy.Although,I can't afford to give the best to my family but my efforts to learn and to give adequate attention in class is enough to make them happy and not feel they are useless send me there.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Markonah Marcona

If you were Markonah,how would you solve all the problems?Choose at least
two problems (that you have identified) and discuss with your pair.
1.Think before making a thing.
2.Not be a hypocrite.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Husband Material....

1.Write in about 50 words about marriage from your point of view after reading
"Husband Material".
In my opinion,marriage is about happiness.Besides that,we can share problem together.
And we get help each other.This marriage is a blessing given by God.

2.Will you choose your own spouse or just let your parents to do that?Justify your answer?
Both shall be as marriage is once in a lifetime.If make our own choices,not sure yet of
our relationship with her husband to be happy and mutually each other.By the way,
with the choice of the parents may be better and always be happy if last sex marriage.

3.What is the meaning of 'husband material' based on dictionary and from your
Meaning of "Husband Material" is Characteristics of the husband and I'm understand
is a responsible and does not release household to others.

4.Give at least two moral values you can learn from "Husband Material".Explain
your answers with textual evidence.
We must keep ourselves in place and not do things that are not good.
2.We must keep the feelings of parents who are in the village and we do not make them worry.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

About Michael Jackson..

1.List down 2 attitudes of Michael Jackson's mother.

2.What is your personal opinion about Michael Jackson's father?
He is a firm father and cruel.

3.How many siblings Michael Jackson has and who are they?
10 siblings but one of them had died at birth.
1.Maureen Reillette "Rebbie" Jackson. (29/5/1990)
2.Sigmund Esco "Jackie" Jackson. (4/5/1951)
3.Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson. (15/10/1953)
4.Jermaine La Jaune Jackson. (11/11/1954)
5.La Toya Yvonne Jackson. (29/5/1956)
6.Marlon David Jackson. (12/3/1957)
7.Michael Joseph Jackson. (29/8/1958-25/6/2009)
8.Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson. (29/10/1961)
9.Janet Danita Jo Jackson. (16/5/1966)
10.Brandon Jackson.

4.What are the uniqueness of Michael Jackson. [2 uniqueness].
1.good at dancing friends with a rat.

5.What is the best scene in "American Dream".
The best scene in "American Dream" is when Michael Jackson searching and found
rats exposed to trap his father died.

6.Do you think Michael Jackson's death is a big lost to the world?Give your reasons.
Yes,because he is a aspect a king of pop and he has a good style own.

The Kiss..

a)Based on the activity 2.1,What is your opinion about Periappa as a whole?
Periappa is a good person but is a drunk that because his nephew.

b)Shouldn't the narrator kiss or not his uncle for the last respect?Give your reason[s]
Should because the narrator and his uncle are family ties.

Paparazzi in The News..

In your opinion,who were guilty between Keanu Reeves and the Paparazzi in the
2008 court case?Give two reasons.
The guilty between Keanu Reeves and the Paparazzi in the 2008 court case is Paparazzi
1.interfere with other people and like to spend the gossip is not true.
2.darken the artist's name.

Ten Things Habits That I Always in My Daily Life..

1.I listening the music.
2.Before I go to class,I always take a bath.
3.Every day,I take a breakfast.
4.Every morning,I brush my teeth.
5.I like read the novel every morning.
6.Every day,I always will message and call.
7.Every night,I always prayer for God.
9.I always spend time with my friend at library.
10.I always laugh and shout with my friends at room.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

My First Day On Ramadhan Month

My first day on Ramadhan month,I not fast because "Holiday Malaysia"...hehehee..I also not get celebrate Ramadhan month mith my family.Besides,I not get 'Solat Terawih" on Ramadhan month.Although,I not get with my family because I study in Batu Pahat,Johor.I fell happy and funny because get begin fast with friends,although food price in here so expensive.In first Ramadhan month also,I wake up in the morning at 4.30 a.m for "Sahur" because I don't want my stomach sick so that always want health and strong.I eat "Nasi Goreng "and sky juice only.
Blessing in month,I also have new faithfulness that is I will do many charity better and will be a good person..."Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan......."

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Person/People That I Love The Most

The person\people that I love the most is my family because my mom give birth to me and love me more that other siblings.I think my mom is great woman.She owns a big business in the city at Masjid Tanah,Melaka.And now,she had expended it to the whole country.Furthermore,she also caring mother to 8 children.Yet,my mom still can survive and success her life.I also love my father.He is a responsible and also clever get the money.My father is a fascinating man when its goes to hobbies.He loved books and would read anything he could get his hands on.His other interest included rearing fighting fish.I also fascinate with him my father because he can cooking exotic dishes.My mothers like to cook too.Because that i love my mom and my dad and also my friends...because when I far from my family,I have a best friend and share a problem when I bored and lonely....Thats all.....

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Situation Daniel To His Parent.....

Your friend,Daniel cheats his parents about the pocket money.Daniel said to them that he wanted to buy books,yet he used that money to buy ecstasy pills.Daniel is also mixing with other drug addicts who are also involved in other crimes like snatch-theft and drug dealing.You know his parents well and they keep asking you about their child.How are you going to explain to them?

These questions might help you to tell Daniel's situation to his parents....

1.What kind of drug that he takes??
Daniel takes kind of drug is ecstasy pills.

2.When and where usually he takes the drugs??
Daniel takes the drugs at black hole and quiet place.

3.From whom he gets the drugs??
Daniel gets the drugs from his friends and also drug dealing.

4.Does he have friends who take drugs together with him and who are they??
Yes,Daniel have friends for take drugs together and they are from classmate.

5.What should his parents do to help him??

Daniel parents do to help him with bring Daniel to drug rehabilitation.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My Love Poem.....

That Is Love

I love you like I have loved no other.
You may ask how I know I am in love,
Well let me tell you what love is.

When I am holding you in my arms,
I feel content and peaceful,
That is love.

When tears come to my eyes,
When I think of you and him,
That is love.

I love you. You are the one thing that can always make me happy.

You know I love you,
And yet you play games with my heart.
I know you do not mean it,
But each time you do it my heart grows weaker.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mind Your Language....

1.Who is Mr.Brown?
Mr.Brown is a teacher.

2.What is topic taught by Mr.Brown?
The topic taught by Mr.Brown is English verb.

3.List down at least ur 2 favourite characters in the sitcom "Mind Your Language"?
Why do u like them?
Ali Hadim becoz he is so funny when Mr.Brown talk 2 him about her.
Such as is No,Im from

4.What do u think the main problem faced by Mr.Brown in the classroom?
Communication problem is a main problem faced by Mr.Brown in the classroom.

5.State 1 character that u dislike in the sitcom.Give a reason for ur answer.
Chung Su Lee becoz she not funny & in the sitcom,she comes late,so she got shot character.

6.How can Mr.Brown help his students to improve their English?Suggest 2 ways.
1.More class extra
2.Learning English from the beginning from start like teach verb,grammar,
knowing word
and teach reading book in English.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Things That My Lecturer Needs to Know About Myself..

Assalammualaikum and very good mownink to my lecturer...... 1stly,I want to introduce about myself.My name is Nur Laila Binti Mustafa Kamal.My nick name's laila.I'm 18 years old.I was born at Hospital Segamat,Johor Bharu.And i'm stay at Melaka.I have 8 siblings.In my siblings,I have 1 brother,2 sisters,1 younger brother and 2 younger sisters.I'm 5th in my siblings.Actually,I have a twins. Other else,my fathers name Mustafa Kamal Bin Mohd Nor.He works as headmaster at Sek.Keb.Ayer Pa'abas,Alor Gajah. My mothers name Norhayati Ismail.She works as teacher at Sek.Keb.Keb Othman Syawal,Kuala Sg.Baru.My brother study at Merlimau and still works as mechanical engine at Alor Gajah.My 2nd sister study at Kuala Lumpur,she was take course in nursing.My 3rd sister study in here at KPM,Bandar Penawar.She also was take course Diploma Logistic Management.And my younger brother and younger sisters still school.
After that,I want u all know about me.My favourite food is tomyam and teh ais is my favourite drinking.I really like green becoz green look so peacefully and freedom to me.And my hobby is reading novel,cooking and listening music.Another that,my ambition is to be a policewoman becoz that job can be help many people in difficult.That's all........
Thank u.................c u.........................