Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Person/People That I Love The Most

The person\people that I love the most is my family because my mom give birth to me and love me more that other siblings.I think my mom is great woman.She owns a big business in the city at Masjid Tanah,Melaka.And now,she had expended it to the whole country.Furthermore,she also caring mother to 8 children.Yet,my mom still can survive and success her life.I also love my father.He is a responsible and also clever get the money.My father is a fascinating man when its goes to hobbies.He loved books and would read anything he could get his hands on.His other interest included rearing fighting fish.I also fascinate with him my father because he can cooking exotic dishes.My mothers like to cook too.Because that i love my mom and my dad and also my friends...because when I far from my family,I have a best friend and share a problem when I bored and lonely....Thats all.....

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