Thursday, 30 September 2010

Husband Material....

1.Write in about 50 words about marriage from your point of view after reading
"Husband Material".
In my opinion,marriage is about happiness.Besides that,we can share problem together.
And we get help each other.This marriage is a blessing given by God.

2.Will you choose your own spouse or just let your parents to do that?Justify your answer?
Both shall be as marriage is once in a lifetime.If make our own choices,not sure yet of
our relationship with her husband to be happy and mutually each other.By the way,
with the choice of the parents may be better and always be happy if last sex marriage.

3.What is the meaning of 'husband material' based on dictionary and from your
Meaning of "Husband Material" is Characteristics of the husband and I'm understand
is a responsible and does not release household to others.

4.Give at least two moral values you can learn from "Husband Material".Explain
your answers with textual evidence.
We must keep ourselves in place and not do things that are not good.
2.We must keep the feelings of parents who are in the village and we do not make them worry.

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