Sunday, 8 August 2010

Situation Daniel To His Parent.....

Your friend,Daniel cheats his parents about the pocket money.Daniel said to them that he wanted to buy books,yet he used that money to buy ecstasy pills.Daniel is also mixing with other drug addicts who are also involved in other crimes like snatch-theft and drug dealing.You know his parents well and they keep asking you about their child.How are you going to explain to them?

These questions might help you to tell Daniel's situation to his parents....

1.What kind of drug that he takes??
Daniel takes kind of drug is ecstasy pills.

2.When and where usually he takes the drugs??
Daniel takes the drugs at black hole and quiet place.

3.From whom he gets the drugs??
Daniel gets the drugs from his friends and also drug dealing.

4.Does he have friends who take drugs together with him and who are they??
Yes,Daniel have friends for take drugs together and they are from classmate.

5.What should his parents do to help him??

Daniel parents do to help him with bring Daniel to drug rehabilitation.

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