Sunday, 7 November 2010

What You Like Or Dislike About Your English Lecturer.

I like the English lecturer as she had been giving a lot of knowledge and provide guidance to enhance the knowledge of the language English.And if I do not understand,he will explain more about how to use a correct and appropriate sentence in word.He also a good lecturer and if there are students should perfect reasonable.Although,sometimes he always comparing our class with a grade each other.He said that our class worse from other class taught by lectures and sometimes I felt satisfied with what he said even the fact that other class are also severe attitude.The temperament that makes others also became victims condition.I do not like when I was a lecturer in anger and bad moods, students will identify all or chaff their students.But I do not keep in my heart even though he said all sorts of classes for all human beings we have a weakness in yourself. Thanks.......That's all............

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