Sunday, 7 November 2010

What You Like Or Dislike About Your English Lecturer.

I like the English lecturer as she had been giving a lot of knowledge and provide guidance to enhance the knowledge of the language English.And if I do not understand,he will explain more about how to use a correct and appropriate sentence in word.He also a good lecturer and if there are students should perfect reasonable.Although,sometimes he always comparing our class with a grade each other.He said that our class worse from other class taught by lectures and sometimes I felt satisfied with what he said even the fact that other class are also severe attitude.The temperament that makes others also became victims condition.I do not like when I was a lecturer in anger and bad moods, students will identify all or chaff their students.But I do not keep in my heart even though he said all sorts of classes for all human beings we have a weakness in yourself. Thanks.......That's all............

Saturday, 6 November 2010

My Experience During Drama Presentation "Peace"

My experience during the presentation was great drama in the group because I had to choose another title from another of my friends in other drama "Peace". In the presentation that I take, I was a young Chinese woman named Ah Lin.Moreover, there are also other actors such as Aunty Kim, Mak Minah, Kavitha,Ahmad,Gopi and group performing Vicky.Although,I do not give a perfect presentation to the audience and the judges, but I am very thankful that my team finally won, and not forgetting the have to hardworking with the group "Peace" the more important to the director in my group who has given guidance that how to bring the characters as a people Chinese.Unforgettable that Sir Bro Bayu has given me the encouragement and guidance in teach me how carry a this act.Even while not in here during we group making drama because he does not in here for prepare his marriage in Perak.In this victory, despite the excitement, there are also people who do not cooperate in the group in Peace.This conclusion,we must have the attitude of helping each other and must cooperate with one another so that there is no fighting in their respective groups.