Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mind Your Language....

1.Who is Mr.Brown?
Mr.Brown is a teacher.

2.What is topic taught by Mr.Brown?
The topic taught by Mr.Brown is English verb.

3.List down at least ur 2 favourite characters in the sitcom "Mind Your Language"?
Why do u like them?
Ali Hadim becoz he is so funny when Mr.Brown talk 2 him about her.
Such as is No,Im from

4.What do u think the main problem faced by Mr.Brown in the classroom?
Communication problem is a main problem faced by Mr.Brown in the classroom.

5.State 1 character that u dislike in the sitcom.Give a reason for ur answer.
Chung Su Lee becoz she not funny & in the sitcom,she comes late,so she got shot character.

6.How can Mr.Brown help his students to improve their English?Suggest 2 ways.
1.More class extra
2.Learning English from the beginning from start like teach verb,grammar,
knowing word
and teach reading book in English.

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