Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My Love Poem.....

That Is Love

I love you like I have loved no other.
You may ask how I know I am in love,
Well let me tell you what love is.

When I am holding you in my arms,
I feel content and peaceful,
That is love.

When tears come to my eyes,
When I think of you and him,
That is love.

I love you. You are the one thing that can always make me happy.

You know I love you,
And yet you play games with my heart.
I know you do not mean it,
But each time you do it my heart grows weaker.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mind Your Language....

1.Who is Mr.Brown?
Mr.Brown is a teacher.

2.What is topic taught by Mr.Brown?
The topic taught by Mr.Brown is English verb.

3.List down at least ur 2 favourite characters in the sitcom "Mind Your Language"?
Why do u like them?
Ali Hadim becoz he is so funny when Mr.Brown talk 2 him about her.
Such as is No,Im from

4.What do u think the main problem faced by Mr.Brown in the classroom?
Communication problem is a main problem faced by Mr.Brown in the classroom.

5.State 1 character that u dislike in the sitcom.Give a reason for ur answer.
Chung Su Lee becoz she not funny & in the sitcom,she comes late,so she got shot character.

6.How can Mr.Brown help his students to improve their English?Suggest 2 ways.
1.More class extra
2.Learning English from the beginning from start like teach verb,grammar,
knowing word
and teach reading book in English.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Things That My Lecturer Needs to Know About Myself..

Assalammualaikum and very good mownink to my lecturer...... 1stly,I want to introduce about myself.My name is Nur Laila Binti Mustafa Kamal.My nick name's laila.I'm 18 years old.I was born at Hospital Segamat,Johor Bharu.And i'm stay at Melaka.I have 8 siblings.In my siblings,I have 1 brother,2 sisters,1 younger brother and 2 younger sisters.I'm 5th in my siblings.Actually,I have a twins. Other else,my fathers name Mustafa Kamal Bin Mohd Nor.He works as headmaster at Sek.Keb.Ayer Pa'abas,Alor Gajah. My mothers name Norhayati Ismail.She works as teacher at Sek.Keb.Keb Othman Syawal,Kuala Sg.Baru.My brother study at Merlimau and still works as mechanical engine at Alor Gajah.My 2nd sister study at Kuala Lumpur,she was take course in nursing.My 3rd sister study in here at KPM,Bandar Penawar.She also was take course Diploma Logistic Management.And my younger brother and younger sisters still school.
After that,I want u all know about me.My favourite food is tomyam and teh ais is my favourite drinking.I really like green becoz green look so peacefully and freedom to me.And my hobby is reading novel,cooking and listening music.Another that,my ambition is to be a policewoman becoz that job can be help many people in difficult.That's all........
Thank u.................c u.........................